November 27th 2014: TrendMiner was very successfully evaluated at its final review in Luxemburg! Thanks to all the partners of the consortium, the two reviewers and to the Project Officer!! It has been a great time. The proejct has been opening new horizonts, and work will be continued in different formats :-)

October 2014: TrendMiner presented at the ISWC 2014 in the form of a tutorial: Semantic Annotation of Social Media: A Hands-on Tutorial

September 2014: Plenary Meeting of the consortium at IPIPAN's premises.

June 2014: USFD delivered a week-long training course on NLP for social media, June 9 - 13, 2014

Mai 2014: TrendMiner present at LREC 2014, in the HLT Project Village and as co-organizer of the ES3LOD Workshop, and with various papers.

April 2014: Various TrendMiner contributions at EACL in Gothenburg, including a Tutorial (

December 2014: Successful second yearly review of TrendMiner (4-6 December in Luxembourg).

November 2013: Successful amendment to the porject. Four new partners from Hungary (RILMTA), Poland (IPIPAN) and Spain (UC3M and Daedalus) are joining the project!

October 2013: SOTON MediaEval 2013 - ranked 1st in the Social Event Detection task. (link)

September 2013: Close collaboration established with the Eurosentiment project (, especially on exchange of lexical data and the further development of the MARL model.

August 2013: TrendMiner present with different contributions at ACL 2013

June 2013: Kalina Bontcheva and Dominic Rout (University of Sheffield) delivered a 1 day course on NLP for social media at the GATE summer school, June 7th 2013. 

June 2013: Thierry Declerck co-chair of the NooJ 2013 conference in Saabrücken. Presenting also TrendMiner. Sentiment was an increasingly addressed topic. (June 3-5. 2013)

April 2013: The TrendMiner consortium to be extended for the last year (starting December 2013) with four new partners: (UC3M, RILMTA, Daedalus, IPIPAN)

05-09 March 2013: TrendMiner is presented at CeBIT (newsletter)

the uComp project is using the TrendMiner OBIE tools to pre-process textual content, prior to crowdsourcing human judgements

05.12.2012: TrendMiner review went successfully! See the picture of the TrendMiner participants.

04.12.2012: TrendMiner will have its first annual review in Luxembourg

12.11.2012: TrendMiner representatives at ISWC 2012 in Boston. Concrete cooperation plans arranged witht the ARCOMEM projects:

28.10.2012: TrendMiner is being briefly presented in the online Edition of the German national weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" (link).

23.10.2012: Thierry Declerck (DFKI, co-ordinator of TrendMiner) will give an invited talk at the "Institute of Computational Linguistics of the University of Zurich". Topic: Deriving multilingal lexical and Grammatical Ressources for Opinion Analysis (see announcement, in German)

03-05 Octobre: 3rd Plenary Meeting of TrendMiner in Paris. A picture of partners at our Project Dinner.

25.09.2012 A presentation about TrendMiner  Social Media Processing Pipeline is given at the INQUEST Workshop on the 25th in Oxford

21.09.2012: The TrendMiner sponsored PATHOS 2012 Workshop (link), the 1st Workshop on Practice and Theory of Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis, takes place oin Vienna. Proceedings of the workshop are available as part of the Konvens 2012 Proceedings.

10.9.2012: Diana Maynard teaches hedge fund managers about sentiment analysis for stock market prediction

01.08.2012: Julían Moreno Schneider (Universidad Carlos III in Madrid) to spend 3 months at DFKI for joint work related to TrendMiner

29.06.2012: TrendMiner is a sponsor of the PATHOS 2012 Workshop (link), the 1st Workshop on Practice and Theory of Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis, co-located with Konvens 2012 (link)

22.05.2012: The Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA) announces the first release of the MLSA Corpus for German Sentiment Analysis (link). TrendMiner to contribute to extension and to the extraction of opinion/sentiment grammars

03.05.2012: First set of TrenMiner tools made available (see Downloads)

30.04.2012: First set of public deliverables of TrendMiner available on the web page (see Publications)

12.-13.04.2012: Second Plenary Meeting of TrendMiner at the premisses of the partner SORA in Vienna. 2 pictures in front of a blue painting (pict1), (pict2) and (pict3).

10.04.2012: TrendMiner to join the "EU-Corner" of the LT-Innovate Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry. Establishing cooperation links.

05.04.2012: TrendMiner to join the Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA). Towards a data set in German language.

12.03.2012: TrendMiner Survey (WP6) is online! See the Survey by Eurokleis

03.03.2012: TrendMiner to endorse the LREC 2012 Tutorial "Opinion Mining: Exploiting the Sentiment of the Crowd", given by members of the partner USFD (link)

13.2.2012: TrendMiner will be part of the LREC 2012 LREC Village (link)

07-08.11.2011 Kick-Off meeting of TrendMiner in Luxembourg