Related European Projects

Eurosentiment: on multilinugual language resources for sentimet analysis (link)

Arcomem: on social web memory insitutions (link)

First: on financial decision making (link)

Meta-Net: on sharing language resources (link)

Monnet: on multilingual ontologies for the financial use case (link)

Render: on Analysis and Visualization of diversity in Twitter data (link)

Other projects/Initiatives

The uComp project (the uComp) project is using the TrendMiner OBIE tools to pre-process textual content, prior to crowdsourcing human judgements

The EnviLOD project (link) takes up TrendMiner OBIE tools and extends them to GeoNames and location-based search

Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA)

An online sentiment annotator for Twieets (Twieenator)

The DecarboNet project takes up TrendMiner OBIE tools and will extend them to use GEMET, AGROVOC, and other LOD resources,

Global Initiatives in Language Technology

LT-Innovate: Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry (link)