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OSTROVIT Melatonin 1mg 180 Tabletten (Besserer Schlaf), VERSAND WELTWEIT

OSTROVIT Melatonin 1mg 180 Tabletten (Besserer Schlaf), VERSAND WELTWEIT

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  • Vitamin / Provitamin: Melatonin
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Andere Artikel Bewertungen über uns Kontakt OSTROVIT Melatonin 1 mg - 180 tablets Helps to shorten the time needed to fall asleep Helps to improve the overall quality of sleep Helpful in relieving the subjective feeling of the sudden change of time zone syndrome Shows antioxidant activity It may have anti-inflammatory effects   Ostrovit Melatonin is a dietary supplement in tablets containing melatonin. The Melatonin product is especially recommended for people struggling with falling asleep, working in shift mode, traveling and frequently changing time zones. Melatonin occurs in our body as a hormone produced by the pineal gland. In smaller amounts melatonin is produced by the digestive system, leukocytes or bone marrow. It is called the sleep hormone, because it plays an important role during the regulation of sleep time, as well as staying awake throughout the day. It is responsible for the feeling of drowsiness and for lowering the temperature and blood pressure during the night. An important problem is the sudden change of time zone, the so-called "Jet-lag". Symptoms are caused by the disturbance of the biological clock. The proper functioning of the biological clock depends on the production of melatonin and cortisol. Melatonin helps in shortening the time needed to fall asleep and in relieving the subjective feeling of sudden change of time zone syndrome. Melatonin additionally helps to reduce oxidative stress. DosageTake 1 serving (1 tablet) per day, 30 minutes before bedtime. A beneficial effect occurs when 1 mg of melatonin is consumed shortly before going to bed or 0.5 mg shortly before going to sleep on the first day of travel and for the next few days after arriving at the destination. Ingredients TableContainer: 180 tabletsServing Size: 1 tabletServings per Container: 180Form: Tablet Ingredients Content in a portion in 100 g % RDA Melatonin 1 mg Other ingredientsMicrocrystalline cellulose, starch; anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide. About the brandOstrovit is a native producer with an interesting approach to the topic of physical activity and broadly understood healthy nutrition. The Polish manufacturer's offer includes nutrients, but also many diet products not only for active people, but simply caring for what they eat. In the OstroVit range of nutrients, every sports enthusiast will find something for himself regardless of the purpose, nutrients for strength, prepared for endurance athletes, slimming preparations or care for the health and condition of our body. OstroVit also produces healthy oils, peanut butter, spices, zero calorie sauces, OstroVit, OstroVit high-protein noodles and food flavors. Sport-Ernährung uns nahrungsergänzungsmittel Andere Artikel » © 2018 - All rights reserved! / Design: Art Delarte

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